I do hate it when colonials get the spelling wrong. It’s Parlour chaps. Anyhow, a new release out on 4 August on DJs Are Not Rockstars. This comes with a range of remixes, including Bird Peterson with some B More. But it’s the original you should stick with. This has a South American funked up samba feel with a bit of swing which gets bigger and bigger. Summer party music. Listen only.

Blurb: Rhythmically seasoned DJ Sean Slaughter grew into punk and eventually dove into housemusic in his late teens. His new musical project D.A.M.B. calls upon his love of coastal sounds,percussion and bass. Now D.A.M.B. has a follow up to “Waiting” his #1 best selling track atTurntable Lab. Frank Cartel quickly placed it is his Top 10, and shortly there after “Parlor”was given the remix treatment by DJs Expendable Youth and self-made DJ and Producer Bird Peterson, who was swayed into remixing the new single after hearing the first 30 seconds of the track. D.A.M.B. is one of the new faces that seems to loved by all, like UK club/house duo,Sinden and Count who recently placed “Parlor” on their BBC Radio1 Essential Mix. This track cannot be missed!

~ by acidted on July 28, 2011.

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