NEW MUSIC: The Main Stem – Contortion Danse

Dunno who The Main Stem are, nor who are Rhythm Oddyssy. TMS tuurns out to be Ben Shenton-Jones from Birmingham. Anyhow, they’ve combined to turn an annoying indie track with a Clash/Suede fascination into a tripped out warehouse dub, with lots of 808 and spaces between the beats. Acid burbles nicely in this one.

Contortion Danse [The Rhythm Oddyssey Warehouse Dub]

Blurb: The Main Stem debut with “Contortion Danse,” their first single for Lipservice. It oozes new-wave swag, with ‘James Flanagan’s’ vocals setting the scene. Clash-esque guitar chops and cowbell pings are the order-of-the-day with a hefty bass line and drum workout that keep the groove bumping. Now the remixes, first up The Rhythm Odyssey Warehouse Dub takes the track down a dirty groove dubbing things up and adding some 808 rhythms and tribal bass coming on like a undiscovered nu groove release! The band drop their own remix keeping it smooth and hypnotic with echoes of The Beloved. Last but definitley not least Birmmingam’s slo-mo’ house / beatdown king Mark-E provides us with a epic mix of “Yes Sacrifice;” Mark-E takes us on a spine tingling electronica journey.. Oh yes! Look out for the Main Stem’s long player “Electric Church” coming soon.

~ by acidted on July 28, 2011.

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