Hamza is an India-based DJ with a new deep house Mali Dreams EP out now on Wind Horse Records. There are three tracks from the EP to listen.

The original mix wasn’t the mix of sitar and kora that I was lazily expecting. It’s a proper deep house track, driven by a buzzing bass. This takes it a cut above the usual deep house stuff. Really nice track, as is the dub mix. The final track is Dreamin Mali. This takes a more 80s electro approach. Q-Burns Abstract Message may like this one but I didn’t. Its mix of Sister Sledge-type vocal harmonies, 80s funk and lack of grit left me cold. Stick with the original mix.

Blurb: The artist known as Hamza wears many hats. As a DJ and music producer he has steadily developed a fan base reaching far outside of his home in New Delhi, India. Hamza’s label, Wind Horse Records, has been cultivating a tightly knit crew of India-based DJs and musicians who have also been finding expanded airplay and club play worldwide. Hamza’s seamlessly effective mixture of Indian music with contemporary house music has often inspired him to experiment with the sounds of other countries and cultures to help him understand his own influences and artistic development. Past Hamza releases on Wind Horse have touched on the sonic styles of countries like Brazil and Tibet. Now Hamza approaches the African country of Mali with the same fascination and ambition … the result is “Mali Dreams.”

Buy: Mali Dreams

~ by acidted on July 29, 2011.

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