NEW MUSIC: Chemical Burn EP, by The Walton Hoax

Something in keeping with Ambient Sunday, some dubstep of the Burial/Jamie Woon variety, rather than anything bowel-shaking. Listen to Chemical Burn EP, but head for bonus track for the best thing there. There’s also a remix to download and the EP is available to buy on vinyl.

The Walton Hoax are from Antwerp, Belgium. They are a duo Peter Vanek and InfraBuse. The title track has that slow hazy start, with echoing blocks, so redolent of Burial. The vocals though are straight out of Jamie Woon, translated into a slightly more baritone American accent, giving a strangely emo quality. Exit Strategy is more of the same but a bit  subdued and with a bit more 2-Step feeling. Sublight has more of a love song feel, with gentler synths. The EP ends with bonus track Waiting For Monday. This is the most paranoid track on the EP. With it’s distorted vocals, coming in fits and starts. The intermittent wailing. The slow beats. This is easily the equal of a Burial production. Really liked this track.

And there’s a free download of Ghosts of Paraguay remix of Exit Strategy. This gives the track a bit more oomph for the dancefloor. Harder beats. More on the female vocals but with enough distortion and wobble to move it from the mainstream. An improvement on the original.

Blurb: This package contains a 12″ vinyl record, as well as a unique code. It allows the download of an exclusive bonus song (for more info see below). This release is limited to an edition of just 220 handnumbered copies. Also included is a direct download, to keep you set until your record arrives. Pre-order includes immediate download of 4 tracks in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it’s released. Shipping on or around 15 August 2011. Edition of 220

For a vinyl or digital copy, go here:

~ by acidted on July 31, 2011.

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