This is about Snapdragons, rather than Emma Louise. Snapdragons is DJ Ben Ferguson from Adelaide, Australia. He has a new EP out but this post isn’t about that. This is Ambient Sunday, so I’m focusing on a lovely little remix for you to listen and download.

Snapdragons’ remix of Jungle has restrained best, gentle handclaps and synths, leaving Emma Louise’s voice to do most of the work. It’s a tad folky but has a lovely restrained winsomeness. The chorus even has a little steel guitar to help things along. Perfect for such a sunny day. And next door are having a barbie. How appropriate for this deceptively good remix.

Blurb: After making a splash on the world with his collection of bootleg remixes, the producer and DJ known as Snapdragons (Aka Ben Ferguson) has just dropped his debut EP. Although it has only just been released, the songs are already leaving positive impressions on people with airplay on local radio stations. The EP, entitled ‘Hopes and Aspirations’ is 6 tracks of electro fuelled indie-dance that will likely appeal to fans of Kele and Digitalism. It is an intriguing collection of songs with often quite dark lyrics shaping the collection of tracks that the Adelaide, Australia based producer has offered up. 2 remixes of songs from the EP have also been included on the release to spice things up even further.

~ by acidted on July 31, 2011.

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