Yup, another Helena Beat mix. Good one mind. And Cologne, Germany’s SpaceKID has kindly answered Ted’s Top Ten Quiz:

1. Weatherall or Oakenfold? – Weatherall

2. Real Instruments or Synthesisers? – Synthesizers

3. Dance or indie? – Dance

4. Coffee or beer? – Beer

5. Space the final frontier or Space 1999? – Never heard of it. Sounds promising though.

6. Death or Disco? – Death.

7. Wurst or Schinken? – Wurst.

8. Cologne or perfume? – They’re not the same thing?

9. 808 or 303? – 808

10. FC Köln (football) or Kölner Haie (hockey)? – FC Köln, I despise hockey.

The remix is a brave piece of gentle electronic digital funk. A bit like Warp’s more tuneful IDM moments. Dumps much of the original tune in favour of some spartan low-key clattering, retaining some of the vocals. Resists the urge for an ecstatic break, which makes me admire it more. I really like it but it feels too far away from the upbeat original to win the remix competition. But if you did like it, there’s a link below to go and vote.

Foster The People – Helena ❤ (SpaceKID Remix)

Vote here: Check out this submission in Foster the People – Helena Beat Remix Opportunity on Indaba Music.

~ by acidted on August 15, 2011.

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