I always think of Detroit when it comes to techno and perhaps New York. But I rarely think of Chicago’s place with house. Somehow, the stuff from Chicago grabbed me less, perhaps a greater disco/motown influence and all that ‘jacking’. Nevertheless, its influence is important. And this year, the influential Trax is 25 years old. The home of legends including Adonis, Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, Mr. Fingers, Frankie Knuckles and Marshall Jefferson. To celebrate they’re releasing a CD and DVD. And there’s a weird promo video:

1. Chuck Roberts – “In the Beginning”
2. Two Of A Kind – “Happiness”
3. Jamie Principle & Frankie Knuckles – “It’s A Cold World”
4. Mr. Lee – “I Can’t Forget”
5. Jungle Wonz – “Time Marches On”
6. Housemaster Boyz – “Trax You Lost”
7. Virgo – “Do You Know Who You Are?”
8. Hula – “Hot Hands”
9. Hercules – “Lost In The Groove”
10. DJ Rush – “Help”
11. Ralphi Rosario – “You Used to Hold Me 2011”
 vocal by Screamin’ Rachael, Remix by DJ Gem
Bonus Tracks:
12. George Clinton & Screamin’ Rachael – “Our House Is Funkatified”
13. ‘Hip That House’ featuring Bloodties

Blurb: Before there were jet-setting superstar DJs, multi-day dance festivals, Ableton Live, laptops and CDs, there was Trax Records. Before there was trance, techno, drum n’ bass, dubstep and every other dance music sub genre you can think of, there was pure house music and the label that started it all was Trax Records. To celebrate 25 years in the business, on October 18, Trax Records will release a special two-disc collection showcasing some of the label’s more underground and avant-garde tracks and a future full of promise. In addition to a musical collection, the package includes a special DVD documentary entitled The House That Trax Built, which tells the story of Trax Records and explores the relationship (and growth) between house music, the city of Chicago, and the international music community and fans.

~ by acidted on August 25, 2011.

One Response to “NEWS: TRAX 25”

  1. What I remember most was the extremely bad pressings on poor quality vinyl but the tunes were great Move Your Body, Washing Machine Acid Trax and the like. Loved this stuff

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