NEW MUSIC: Terence Fixmer – Le Terrible EP

Proper miminal techno from Terence Fixmer on Electrix Deluxe.

Le Terrible sounds odd in English. A bit comedy and unthreatening. Too much Allo ‘Allo! perhaps. The title track is one of those digital sounding techno tracks, nothing organic, all metallic. Minimal style of techno that menances and threatens but doesn’t actually damage. Concept C is another slower menancing track, with a bit of distortion round the beats. Doesn’t quite deliver. Dance Like Paranoid has wind whistling in the background. A minimal techno groover. Very early 90s European techno, which is hardly surprsing as this is Speedy J’s label.

Blurb: Electric Deluxe is proud to present the new Terence Fixmer EP „Le Terrible“. And as the name already suggests this EP is up for some serious damage. A Side kicks off with „Le Terrible“ a dynamic and powerful monster of a techno track which pumps up your adrenaline with its pounding bass drum and hypnotic built ups. Gut Feeling! B1: „Concept C“ is a strong track in which terence fixmer works his production magic with more experimental elements such as drone sounds and his ragged and slightly distorted signature bass. Nonetheless creating a high energy level tune ready to be unleashed on the dancefloor. B2: Last with the vinyl version „Dance like Paranoid (Marcel Dettmann Remix)“. Marcel Dettmann‘s remix wins you over by its carefully arranged melody and drum pattern which creates a melancholic and timeless rave anthem. Bliss! Digitally the release is accompanied by „Le Terrible (Terence Fixmer Tool)“ captivating the essential sound scapes of the original. ‚le Terrible‘ le techno sublime!

Released by: electric deluxe
Release/catalogue number: EDLX.017
Release date: Aug 20, 2010

~ by acidted on August 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “NEW MUSIC: Terence Fixmer – Le Terrible EP”

  1. Like this a lot. Thanks Ctel.

  2. […] And while you’re about it, get this free download of a Speedy J remix for Terence Fixmer (previously here). […]

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