J3000 is a new artist from London, UK. He has a quality deep house/techno track to download. It’s no coincidence that the picture reminds me of the cover to Landcruising.

He doesn’t give much away, saying only “I’m a sound designer / music producer from East London.  I used to work in the video games industry and now work freelance for games, TV  and adverts as a sound designer and composer.  J3000 is a new outlet for my love of all things “detroit” and electronic”. I think he omits being a civil servant (I think we all would). But he’s also done Ted’s Top Ten Quiz, to fill in some gaps:

1. Weatherall or Oakenfold?  Weatherall
2. Real Instruments or Synthesisers? Synths
3. Dance or indie?  Dance
4. Coffee or beer? Beer
5. Chelsea FC or West Ham United FC?  Spurs!
6. Death or Disco? Death Disco
7. Norf Lunnen or Sarf Lunnen? Norf.
8. Carl Craig or Kevin Saunderson? Carl Craig
9. 808 or 303?  808
10. Hyde Park or Olympic Park? Olympic

The track – VCO – is a cool piece of detroit techno, with clear links to the Carl Craig school of techno. There’s a smoothness to the flow and an unhurriedness to the overall feel. Hardly a track for a banging evening. More mellow evenings. Lovely. Accomplished.

~ by acidted on August 27, 2011.

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