Americans don’t do irony do they? It’s one of the great British cliches, supported by the election of George W Bush. Twice. After all, the great Bill Hicks said “The definition of black irony is Pro-lifers killing Doctors who do abortions“.  I’ve always assumed it is the inherent difference between a country founded on a utopian vision, compared to a country that invented the term dystopia.

Last time we had Marshall Watson – with his rework of Dream Academy – I was musing on the diversity of his work. I was therefore horrified to see that this new tune is labeled “Epic Psytrance“. Now, if there’s one thing on which I’m clear, it’s that whilst I don’t much like trance, I loath psytrance. All that crusty dog on a string covered in day-glo, whittering on about Goa. And don’t get me started about the dancing under a parachute thing.

The track is thankfully not psytrance, Marshall is simply messing with our heads. He is being ironic. It is, in fact, another of those lovely, leftfield house numbers. This does have a trippy edge with its use of backwards sounds and the breathless “I want to hold you now“. No idea if this is original or a sample. Listen only.

Marshall Watson

~ by acidted on August 27, 2011.

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