Jordan F has signed for Rosso Corsa Records. And to mark it, there’s a free EP to download. This includes a new track, as well as a couple of favourites. He’s also done an interview.

1. How the devil are you and what’s the weather like where you are?

I’m great thanks! It must be because the weather is starting to get warmer and warmer as we move into summer down here 🙂

 2. How did you get into music? Anyone musical in your family?

I played the piano at school for a year although I never saw myself ever as being musically minded (or talented). After school I started to DJ at a number of venues in Sydney and after a short while I decided to shift to solely to production. I don’t come from a musical family neither so I have no idea how I ended up in this situation lol.

3. You’re only 19/20, so why the affection for the synth music of the 80s when you weren’t even born then?

Hahaha yeah I get this one a lot and fair enough. In all honesty, I’m not sure but the music from the 80s and 80s synth based music just seems to create that blissful atmosphere that takes you somewhere happy… even though I didn’t exist at that time it leaves me to imagine what life was like… so its very intriguing for me as an artist and so I do my best from what I discover to capture that vibe.

4. Who are your synth heroes and why? And who are your musical peers?

Jan Hammer and Giorgio Morodor are true inspirations of the past, yet a lot of my heroes are actually my musical peers too. Artists like Flashworx, Lazerhawk, Miami Nights 1984 and Mitch Murder I consider idols, even before I began making this type of music. Today I speak to them regularly which is awesome! They’re all very nice and approachable people…it’s a rare thing in music to be able to chat with your inspirations and idols on a daily basis.

5. Your music almost always has a positive feeling. Does that have anything to do with where you’re from?

Absolutely. Summer here is indescribable… the beach culture, Sydney harbour and the climate is so important in creating that up-tempo atmosphere. I also recently got lots of inspiration when I was travelling around Europe in July this year.

6. Your tracks have included Definitely Miami and SoBe. What’s with the Florida references?

I think the title of a track is just as important to the actual song itself and what it conveys. You will find a lot 80s based music today being associated with things like Miami and the beach and Ferraris and palm trees and summer and Crockett and Tubs etc. I suppose it just fits perfectly with the style of music I make and the story it tells.

7. You’re set to do an album for Rossa Corsa Records. How did that come about? And how are you going to approach doing a whole album?

Rosso Corsa has been my dream label since I first got into this style of music, its released fantastic material. To do the EP for them firstly was a real joy. I made some demo tracks, spoke to the label owners and they were more than happy to do the releases.

The album has developed into a long-term project…it a big commitment when you have to make 9 or more tracks that are linked to one another but are also entirely different and fresh, so I’m going to be very patient with it. I know for a fact I will start incorporating vocals into my tracks, which should be very exciting!

8. How can you be an Australian and not surf? You’re destroying all the cliches we have about you. You’ll be telling us you prefer coffee to beer (oh, you already did).

I have tried surfing believe me… it just isn’t one of my skills sadly. But don’t let this destroy that image I’m just an exception.

9. Finally, where do you want your music to take us?

 To a place and time where things were simple and good.

And so to the EP. This includes Definitely Miami and Outrun, which have featured here before, but which have been remastered. But Cupido is new. The EP is available at Bandcamp on a name your price basis. Cupido has even more synths than usual and slightly less bass. It has stronger 80s and Italo influences. But it retains that characteristic positive feeling – whatever happens everything will be alright. The soundtrack to a new dawn, or, given the title, a new love.

Jordan F – Cupido

Full EP on Bandcamp to download.

~ by acidted on August 29, 2011.

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