PROGRESSIVE HOUSE MIXTAPE: Blundstones and Snowballs mix

Don’t normally do mixtapes but thought you might like this mix of classic progressive house tracks from the Guerilla era of the early 90s from Triston Robinson (from Worthing on the South Coast).  Just look at the track list. This is clearly made with love and care. But then if you came from Worthing you’d have a lot of time on your hands in the evenings too.

Of the mix he says, Progressive and House classics from an era when clubbers started to dress up again/get messier than ever. Heavy on the Guerilla tunes with a smattering of fromage. Progressive as it was, not as it is.

Feel It- Coco Steel And Lovebomb 1

Groovy Beat (Jelly Mix)- Dop 2

Schmoo (Steppin’ Razor Mix)- Spooky 3

Body Medusa (Leftfield Mix)- Superreal 4

Feeling Warm (Part 2)- Eagles Prey 5

Schudelfloss (High On Hedonism Mix)- Dr. Atomick 6

Let You Go (Sasha’s Positive Mix)- Marina Van Rooy 7

Slid (Scat And Sax Edit)- Fluke 8

Figure Of Eight (Todd’s Master Dub)- The Grid 9

Here I Go – Dop 10

Intoxication (Clubfield Mix)- React 2 Rhythm 11

Amber Groove (Toxic Hijack Mix)- Sas 12

Londres Strutt – Smells Like Heaven 13

The Mighty Ming (B.I.R. Club Mix)- Brothers Love Dubs 14

Lionrock [Most Excellent Mix] – Lionrock 15

Purity (Junior Style Remix)- The Aloof 16

Stinkin Thinkin (Junior Style)- Happy Mondays 17

Feel – The Chameleon Project 18

Tonto’s Drum (Darren Emerson 1992 Remix)- Eagles Prey 19

U R The Best Thing (Sasha Full Mix)- D:Ream 20

1991 (Fratty Energy Version)- Tc 1991

 Also at Mixcloud:

~ by acidted on August 30, 2011.

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