Got a request for some tracks last posted two and a half years ago. Eagles Prey on Guerilla Records. Expect progressive house.

A bit of progressive House from back in the day on Guerilla Records.

Eagles Prey was John Kennedy, Lee Grainge and Paul Coleman. I’m sure I only bought this because it was on Guerilla Records. This dates from 1993. Their bigger hit (and their only other release) was Tonto’s Drum from 1992. This got a remix pack in 2001, including one by Darren Emerson). No idea why though. It’s a reasonable enough tune but does verge towards the trance side of things.
In other news, Island foxes are more vulnerable to golden eagle predation than pigs or skunks due to basic differences in the natural histories of the three prey species. Feral pigs reproduce rapidly and can produce large litters throughout the year, and piglets that survive eventually grow too big to be prey for golden eagles. Skunks are nocturnal, so are only occasionally preyed on by eagles, which hunt during the day. The foxes, however, are active both at night and during the day, have just one small litter in the spring, and both pups and adults are preyed on by golden eagles. The foxes are a nice eagle meal for their entire lives, and they are often active during the day, so they are constantly preyed on by the eagles.
Eagles Prey – Feeling Warm (Part One)

Eagles Prey – Feeling Warm (Part Two)

~ by acidted on September 8, 2011.


  1. thanks for these tracks, they’re great, delighted that you re-posted them. i only discovered your blog in the last year or so and was dismayed at the amount of guerilla related posts i’d missed so these are most welcome. many thanks again and keep up the good work with this cool blog.

  2. […] had a repost of Eagles Prey’s Feeling Warm on Guerilla Records a few days ago. But here’s one which I didn’t post previously. This is a remix of Eagles Prey’s […]

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