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Following last week’s Beloved post, there was a request for some more, so here’s a repost from 3 years ago containing a relatively rare remix by US agit-prop industrialists Consolidated. More Beloved to follow later this week:

Some early rave psychedelia from another group that had its head turned by the dance explosion in the late 1980s.

Originally a quartet whose sound drew inspiration from psychedelia, the Beloved found its greatest success as a rave-influenced dance-pop duo. Throughout its fluid existence, the guiding force behind the group remained vocalist Jon Marsh, who formed the band Journey Through at Cambridge University with Steve Waddington and Tim Havard; with the addition of Guy Gausden (November ’84), the group renamed itself the Beloved, and gradually evolved into a moody dance outfit not dissimilar to New Order.

In 1986, the Beloved issued their first single, “A Hundred Words” a series of releases (including the EP Happy Now, the double A-sided single “Surprise Me”/”Forever Dancing” and the 1987 compliation Where It Is) followed, but none garnered any significant critical or commercial success. Consequently, Gousden and Havard exited in 1987, at much the same time Marsh and Waddington were falling under the sway of London’s burgeoning rave community.


The Beloved – Acid Love from 1988
The Beloved – Sweet Harmony (Consolidated Club Mix) from 1993  
The Beloved website

~ by acidted on September 12, 2011.

3 Responses to “REPOST: B IS FOR THE BELOVED (PART 1)”

  1. Thanks for taking note of my comment

  2. Club Mix, not Dub Mix

    B-side to You’ve Got Me Thinking single

    got any really early stuff i.e. 84-88?

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