Another Beloved repost request. Includes a mix of one of their big hits, The Sun Rising by Mark Pritchard.

Originally a quartet whose sound drew inspiration from psychedelia, the Beloved found its greatest success as a rave-influenced dance-pop duo.

In 1987, at much the same time as losing two members, Jon Marsh and Steve Waddington were falling under the sway of London’s burgeoning rave community. After first re-emerging with the ambient-styled single “The Sun Rising” the Beloved then scored an international hit with “Hello” a bubbling techno exercise which name-checked many of the group’s influences.In 1990, the duo issued a pair of albums, Happiness and Blissed Out (a remix of its sister release) which achieved significant success both in and out of clubs. A long layoff followed, however, and when the Beloved returned in 1993 with Conscience, Waddington had been ousted in favour of Marsh’s wife Helena, resulting in a more pop-oriented flavour. This was not particularly successful.
After another three-year absence, they released X, a foray back into club culture. In 1997 they released Single File, a compilation album and a bunch of new remixes of The Sun Rising. This included mixes by Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard (of Global Communication and Jedi Knights fame).
The Beloved – Celebrate Your Life [cool cats dub mix] from 1993 remix by Adam & Eve
The Beloved – The Sun Rising (Tom’s Deep House Mix) from 1997
The Beloved website
There are a load of downloads at the website here

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