NEW MUSIC: Jack Light and Spyda – Underground

Ridiculously young man produces poptastic urban music. Really ought to be a hit, following in the footsteps of Example.

Is it ageist to be dismissive of a 16 year old’s music? Perhaps. But I’m kind of glad I listened to this. Not my usual sort of thing, since he calls it rap. And he’s done Ted’s Top Ten Quiz (as proof of his age, see the answer to question 1):

1. Weatherall or Oakenfold? Don’t know either of them

2. Real Instruments or Synthesisers? Synthesisers

3. Dance or hip hop? Hip-hop

4. Coffee or Sunny D? Sunny D

5. Dizzee or Public Enemy? Public Enemy

6. Death or Disco? Neither

7. School or truancy? School

8. Radio 1 or Rinse FM? Rinse

9. 808 or 303? 808

10. Underground or Overground (or wombling free)? Underground

 Jack has been making music for four years and has alredy been played on Radio 1 as well as Rinse FM. Underground features MC Spyda, who has worked with Pendulum. The track has real pop appeal with a bit of ska skanking and trumpets to underpin the rapping. It’s a really accomplished track and I can conceive this hissing tinnily out of teenage phones on the top deck of the bus everywhere. That Jack looks like a cross between Example and Justin Beiber ain’t going to hurt.

~ by acidted on September 27, 2011.

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