REMIXING CLASSICS: 808 State “Cubik” (21st Anniversary Remix)

This time its the artist themselves remixing the classic. 808 State have released Blueprint, a compilation of their best stuff. And as part of that they’ve remixed some of their classics. Here’s a remix of Cubik for you to download.

I had already heard the new remix of In Yer Face and that was pretty disappointing, since it lost some of the aggression that made the track. So, how about what they’ve done to Cubik? This is a lot more bleepy than I remember and even a bit chip. Thankfully, it retains the bassline that mades the original so memorable. If anything, the bassline is more fundamental to the remix. This works.

Blurb: In celebration of the release of “Blueprint”, the definitive career overview album of 808 State, the band are giving away an exclusive 21st Anniversary remix of Cubik via their website:


Blueprint features the band’s top 10 singles including Pacific, Cübik, and In Yer Face and their groundbreaking collaborations with Björk (1991’s Qmart), Simian (2002’s 606) and Brian Eno (1996’s Lopez, with lyrics by Nicky Wire ). The album opens with Aphex Twin’s legendary remix of Flow Coma, one of the first ever 808 State tracks, which was released on Richard D. James’ Rephlex label as a 12″ promo vinyl in the early 00s. Other remixes come from Trevor Horn, Jon Carter/Monkey Mafia and the mysterious 808 Tape.

Buy Blueprint from Amazon UK

~ by acidted on October 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “REMIXING CLASSICS: 808 State “Cubik” (21st Anniversary Remix)”

  1. You’ve just made me stop, stare into space for 10 minutes and wonder just where has it all gone…..

    21 friggin’ years!!!!!

  2. […] After a couple of serious tchno posts, here’s something totally frivolous but very well done. A quality mash up by Bristol’s Alexx Foxx and using the ubiquitous Tinnie Tempah. As bubbly as shaken can of Cola. About as sugary too. Hardly intended for my demographic but will sound fine on crappy little phone speakers at the back of the bus. And that’s all that counts. To download, if you’re under 30. If not, get off the bus and go with me back to 808 State nostalgia (grandad). […]

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