Hawke’s 3 Nudes In A Purple Garden is a bit of a mid-90s house classic. But Gavin Hardkiss, who is Hawke, has remixed his own track to come up with a new track 4 Nudes on his blog.

3 Nudes featured back here and is a piece of trance-dance psychadelia. The new track, 4 Nudes, takes things down and out a bit, so that it becomes a mellow piece of house/techno with a more spaced out feel and less hippyish. But it retains a sense of wide-eyed wonder at the world. I much prefer the new version.

Of the original, Gavin says “’3 Nudes’ was the first song I ever made. Swear to God. I didn’t know I had it in me. I bought a Emax sampler and a sequencer and put together a rough version in the Hardkiss basement studion on 16th and Guerrero in San Francisco in 1992. Soon after, with some final production help from the UltraViolet boys, it became the third release on the Hardkiss label. The song and it’s elegant remixes by Scott and Robbie were played worldwide and helped put me on the map as a producer. I wouldn’t be here today without the the fanfare surrounding that song.” As for the new track, he explains “I thought I’d put together a new version of ’3 Nudes in A Purple Garden’ but after messing around with it, I came up with an entirely new song.”

Hawke – 4 Nudes

You can purchase Gavin’s catalogue directly from here.

~ by acidted on October 23, 2011.

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