Just because John Peel is mostly remembered for his work with indie bands doesn’t mean he wasn’t important for dance acts, especially in the early 90s. I could have gone for sessions by The Sabres of Paradise, The Black Dog, Fluke and many others. But here’s a track from a session by The Shamen. Possible Worlds seemed an appropriate one to choose.

The Shamen – Possible Worlds (Peel Session)

What’s it all about?: Today (October 25th) is a day designated for bloggers, tweeters, facebookers… and for you, who tuned in to Radio 1 every night to hear John Peel’s dulcet tones. Also to hear some sometimes strange noises coming out of your radio. On this day – October 25th – we commemorate and celebrate the memory of one the most influential DJ’s who ever was. How we do that is by posting on Facebook or writing a blog, or tweeting a link (using the hashtag #keepingitpeel) with your favourite Peel Session track.

~ by acidted on October 25, 2011.


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