NEW MUSIC: Ghost Oympics – Spooky Instrumental

Something because it’s Ambient Sunday. A delicate bit of wistful guitar. Only short but cute, if mournful. The work of downbeat Ghost Olympics from the UK, who says of the track: “Short, sparse guitar snippet, suitable for the closing credits of a poignant documentary about a tree or some boatmakers. Just simple lines, intertwining. A typical case of fiddling around, finding a little idea, slapping it down and putting it away for a rainy day. My wife, Mrs Olympics, thinks it sounds weird. Perhaps she can’t hear the orchestra that starts up halfway through. What do you mean you can’t either?”

Bio: A musician and songwriter who’s played various things in various ways at various times, with varying degrees of commercial and artistic success. By varying, I mean varying from none at all to almost none at all. I’ve made some records, done some exciting shows in exciting places and had some exciting drinks, many of which I didn’t have to pay for (except in sweat, y’know). You might even have some of my records, although if you do you probably know me personally.

~ by acidted on November 6, 2011.

One Response to “NEW MUSIC: Ghost Oympics – Spooky Instrumental”

  1. […] for a second successive Ambient Sunday is Ghost Olympics. Last week was plaintive guitar. This time it’s a more conventional ambient tune for you to […]

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