TEN TECHNO CLASSICS 3: Underworld – Cowgirl

Either I first heard this on one of J’s splendid tapes which he frequently conjured up after returning from a night out (‘Hey! It’s 8am, we’re shit-faced, let’s do a tape!’) or on a white label. I forget which. I do recall that I had no idea who it was or what it was called but that it was fucking great. A hugely danceable, motor-powered slice of techno from Emerson and Co that opens with Hyde’s nonsensical lyrical outpouring riding a scratchy, twanging beat before rapidly escalating into a belter of a track with a break halfway through that, to this day, still gives me the chills. Great band, great tune, great album. And on the b-side of the single, you got ‘Rez’ too. Everything, everything indeed.

Underworld – Cowgirl (Irish Pub In Kyoto Mix) (1993)

~ by acidted on November 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “TEN TECHNO CLASSICS 3: Underworld – Cowgirl”

  1. stunning track

  2. never ceases to blow my socks off

  3. Cowgirl is legendary but you’ve posted the long, slightly meandery US Import 12″ remix (got the Winjer mix on the flip) and described the original. Rez is the big bad boy though, one of the best pieces of vinyl from the Nineties (in delicate Pink)

  4. Luke

    D described the original, not me, it’s her series. But I decided it was too well known to post and went for a slightly less well-known mix.

    And, I’m probably with you on Rez over Cowgirl.

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