TEN TECHNO CLASSICS 4: Speedy J – De-orbit

Taken from the ‘Something For Your Mind’ EP, this is a real pleasure. Some folk, unable to attune their bodies and minds to anything less than 120bpm argue that this should be played at 45rpm. They’re wrong. Ignore them. If you want a tinny sounding, helium-hysterical, aural racket, then be my guest but if you want a dreamy, sensual slice of techno, then play it as it was meant to be played. I was never a big fan of Speedy J’s, his brand was too harsh and brittle to my ears for the most part but this is the proverbial exception to the rule. A subdued, meandering intro which, after a minute or so, erupts into a languid, bass-driven delight with more than a hint of breakbeat rolling it effortlessly along. Proving that techno doesn’t always have to indulge in shock and awe to succeed, this simply glides. As will you.
Speedy J – De-orbit (1991)

~ by acidted on November 10, 2011.

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