AMBIENT SUNDAY: Ghost Olympics – Ready For Six

Back for a second successive Ambient Sunday is Ghost Olympics. Last week was plaintive guitar. This time it’s a more conventional ambient tune for you to download.

Ready For Six is slow paced, dreamlike, distorted music. It does have some of the simple melody from lullabys but with a slightly hallucinogenic quality. So, it’s no surprise that this is music intended to make you nod off. He says “It’s droney, hissy, bongy and tinkly – all the noises that make the head happily heavy. You can’t just be boring though – I think sleep music needs to engage the brain enough to distract it from the thoughts that were keeping you awake in the first place. Therefore there are some pretty bits and some dreamlike mutation of shapes, yeah? When I first made this I actually used to use it as an insomnia cure. The clunk when the tape ran out would wake me up again though. Maybe don’t play it while driving, or the clunk when the road runs out might wake you.” I was going to write more but this tune is making me ready for bed.

~ by acidted on November 13, 2011.

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