TEN TECHNO CLASSICS 8: Hardfloor – Acperience 1

Techno has produced some seriously mental tunes in its time. Huge, adrenalin-pumping, barnstormers that chew up the words ‘subtle’ and ‘laid-back’ before spitting them back out and proceeding to flatten everything within 500 yards. In my opinion, few of these records succeed because they lack any redeeming feature, being nothing more than an unholy, cacophanous noise. Some, however, do manage to overcome that potential hazard and become much loved and revered titles. This is one of them. A mighty collision of acid and techno, courtesy of a stack of TB-303’s, Acperience 1 is a magnificent tune that stills sounds blinding today. A relentless, nagging riptide of bass, synth and tormented acid that refuses to pause for breath leaving you with no other option than to move as if your life depended on it. Which I did. Fairly often.
Hardfloor – Acperience 1 (1993)

~ by acidted on November 16, 2011.

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