New EP out on Starquake Records for free download. Electro but more offbeat than comes out of the US at present. Even Discoforgia doesn’t go for one of his batter-you-to-death mixes but something verging on the subtle. Very electro but if that’s your thing, quality stuff.

I, the Shadows (DISCOFORGIA Remix)

Blurb: Just a quick update about our new release, “Julie Star EP” by Sebastian Love. It is dedicated to his girlfriend (Julie Star, or Giulia Stella in Italian) and it includes 3 original tracks (Julie Star, SS 565 and I, the Shadows – not a grammatical mistake but a “poetic license”-) and 2 remixes by Discoforgia and Axton Frick. Release code STQK006, cover art by Giulia Stella.

Julie Star EP is a gift, a gift for a special person, one of those you would never leave and forget, that stole your heart and makes you as high as wind ruffling her hair in your eyes. Sebastian Love is proud to present 2 original tracks plus a featuring with Is and 2 remixes by Arcade Discoforgia and Axton Frick. Please, hold my hands and never say goodbye.

Free download at


~ by acidted on December 21, 2011.

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