NEW MUSIC: Sasha – Cut Me Down (Oscar Vazquez Unofficial Remix)

A rather nice uplifting progressive house remix from Spanish producer Oscar Vazquez of Sasha’s Cut Me Down. To listen and free download.

This is a restrained remix that doesn’t go all cheesy trance breakdown as you might otherwise expect – especially from someone who boldly names Ace of Base as an influence! This is minimal prog house, if such a thing exists.

Blurb: Born in Ponferrada, Spain, is one of those mixers of progressive house and techno that always transport you through his sets, displaying a lot of energy, both in its sets as in his productions. Oscar grew listening and admiringelectronic music the 80’s and 90’s, following the music of Snap, Ace Of Base, Chimo Bayo, Vangelis, Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Technotronic, Pet Shop Boys and Underworld, among others. All starts at the age of 17, after attending several events hardtrance. That was when his interest step from just listening to electronic music to really take part in the exciting world of music, a fact that motivates him to buy his first Decks and mixer and so self-study and learn the art of DJ. Over the next four years he devoted to perfecting their craft by engaging in the local scene. Soon decides to take a pause to consider their true musical style and what sounds should be identified, your call is techno. In early 2000, Oscar wins a residency at the legendary club R2, where he finds a new appreciation for minimalist sounds and other sounds prevailing at that time. 2002 was an important year for Oscar, is in this year that he began to produce, this is where he finds his true passion: making music. His production sounds, which blend techno and progressive house, have captivated the interest of several different artists and labels, and can be described as the new breed of sound and production.

~ by acidted on December 27, 2011.

One Response to “NEW MUSIC: Sasha – Cut Me Down (Oscar Vazquez Unofficial Remix)”

  1. Thanks mate for share it!!

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