I’m not sure I would ordinarilly post this. But it has a remix from the excellent Grooveblaster, purveyor of downtempo funk, from whom I’ve not heard in a while.

The  original is a gentle piece of lounge music. Far too tasteful for me. A bit Lisa Stansfield. Grooveblaster adds some funky guitar and trumpet and lets the vocal take a back seat. Makes it a bit wee small hours, smokier and sleazier.

Anji Bee- Put Some Music On (Grooveblaster Remix)

Full EP here:

Blurb: Anji Bee is chill! A seriously sultry voice oozes between soul and emotion. Put some music on describes the proper end to a day… Anji Bee brings life to life in a cinematic setting. Intensity of Sound’s Retro Funk Mix – Recalling the Lisa Stansfield era, Intensity of Sound delivers a fresh take on a retro feeling. Original Version – The impeccable production and Anji’s tremendous vocal range drive a downbeat trip to downtown. Intensity of Sound Deep House Excursion – A moment moving past too fast, Intensity of Sound captures the vibe and groove. Grooveblaster Mix– With a jazzy combination of guitar and groove, the Grooveblaster creates his own masterpiece. Ragga Club Mix – A left turn into the deepest of beats and bass, a totally down nightmare not on wax…

~ by acidted on December 30, 2011.


  1. Thanks for this review, AcidTed. The Grooveblaster and I were both tickled by your comments on his mix. You know, he just put out a new album last year. I can hook you up with a download if you like!

  2. […] Some Music On EP includes The Grooveblaster mix from his latest album, Out Of The Past,  (which AcidTed described as, “a bit wee small hours, smokier and sleazier” than the original mix), […]

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