2011: That was the year that was: No.1 – the theme

So, it’s the last day of the year. A bit of a tough one 2011 and no real prospect of next year being any less challenging. I’ve not done a tracks of the year, like all the other bloggers. Partly because I couldn’t compete with Drew’s authoritativeness or Swiss Adam’s wit but mostly because I’ve bought almost no new music. Instead, three posts today looking at things I’ve taken from the 1,000 or so posts I’ve done this year.

First up, theme of the year. This was most definitely synths. I was never one for Kraftwerk or Moroder. But somehow the new synth artists reinterpretation of the synth sound and their 80s fixation has rather got to me. I’ve found myself liking all that nu-disco nonsense. Two artists epitomised this style and both are, curiously, Australian. First, The Stewart twins who form The 14th Minute. They’ve done a range of their own original work and remixes. All of which are given their own brand of glittery, frothy synth disco. Second, Jordan F, who also does remixes and, now, more of his own stuff. I hope he won’t mind me saying this but I think he is still developing (given where he was at the back end of last year) and so we can expect greater things from him in 2012.

A couple of examples:

Almost my track of the year was The 14th Minute’s remix of Skrillex. This added disco sprites to the original template to produce something quite beautiful

Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (The 14th Minute Edit)

Jordan F produced some lovely originals of which Definitely Miami EP was a pick. This has shades of Moroder but eschews cheap copying.

 His other great track is SoBe (although released officially this year was first released last year, so doesn’t quite count for 2011. Still great work mind):

But neither of these ultimately produced my track of the year. That was down to Adam Freeland. He has been around the music scene for some 20 years now and with his Marine Parade label has been at the forefront of breaks music. Nevertheless, I’d rather ignored his more recent work. Until he remixed one of the Daft Punk Tron tracks. Borrowing Orbital’s 303, he produced a track that blew all the other remixes away. Completely. The evil bass line and interweaving synths drive this track along until a perfectly judged sample slows the whole thing down before it takes off again in a twisted acid drive to the end. Awesome. 

Daft Punk-TRON Legacy (Adam Freeland’s 303 Remix) 


~ by acidted on December 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “2011: That was the year that was: No.1 – the theme”

  1. You flatter me Ctel. All the best for 2012 and one of the best blogs around.

  2. […] Swiss Adam and Drew had done it and how I couldn’t compete but then I noticed that I did that last year. Old age y’know. Start repeating […]

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