DISCOFORGIA “Evade The Grave” EP

Debut EP from Discoforgia, who’s appeared here a few times. Three originals and a blizzard of remixes. Free to download. And he’s answered a few questions.

Q: You’re from Turin. What’s it like living there?

Turin is a big city in northwestern Italy and, even though our country is enduring a difficult time, is a good place to be. It was once known only for its heavy industry and its livid sky, but since winter olympic games in 2006 has become a tourist attraction for its art, museums and architecture. Musically speaking the main trend is concerning minimal and tech-house sound, with more influences from Germany than from England and France, but now things are slowly changing… Anyway the food is very good and the weather is not that bad… So…visit our town!

Q: You say you were born with punk. What influence does it have on your work?

Punk rock had a primal role in my youth and even now that I’m older I still enjoy listening to music from The Clash and The Ramones. Actually I don’t use distorted guitars or punky vocals in my works, but I think the enraged and the couldn’t-give-a-damn approach to music production well reflects the original punk attitude. I really don’t care about what is mainstream or what people like at the actual time, fashion, what’s on TV or where electronic music seems to go. I just do what i’m feeling, try to make it always a little better and hope someone else will appreciate it.

Even my live shows have some kind of “punky attitude”, but you’ll have to come and see it with your eyes if you want to know that..!

Q: Your work is usually loud and abrasive. Ever thought of doing something more downtempo?

I often listen to different genres of music other than electronic and many times I wondered if I had the capability to create a slower melodic track, maybe with some warm female vocals. I would really love to have a go at that and I think you won’t have to wait too long to hear something more “downtempo” from DISCOFORGIA. Confide in me..

Q: Where do you see your sound going?

As I said before, I really don’t care about music trends, since I don’t like and i’m not capable to follow them. I don’t appreciate much dubstep or drumstep, I really don’t feel it, so that’s not my direction. I have many influences from 90s sound, breakbeat, bigbeat, acid and jungle and those are the “ingredients” i’m always trying to put in my music, together with the actual electro mood. I don’t really know where my sound is going, but maybe it could become a little more elegant and melodic, at least in some works. And i would also love to recover and revive some sounds from synth wave, industrial electronic music, EBM and that pioneering electronic music that flourished between the 70s and the 80s.

Q: Finally, ceiling cat or basement cat? Discuss.

Basement cat. Definitely. Or one from an E.A. Poe’s novel. Or even better a graveyard cat. Do they exist?? A cat that “evades the grave”… that’s me!

And so to the EP. Let’s focus on the originals. RIP is a ramped up synth electro track. Big and pounding, as we’d expect from Discoforgia. Epitaph shows off that electro punky thing with some 80s drums. Cemetary Mates is by Discoforgia’s standards a slow one. Makes more of the synths and explores some interesting byways. Probably my favourite on the EP as a result.

Blurb: Coming up from the underground, dusting himself off, standing in a gloomy worrying light, here comes “Evade The Grave”, the very first EP from italian producer DISCOFORGIA. A nocturnal and sinister exorcism, a distorted electrified remedy, a raging and hectic effort to escape from what we are all headed for. 3 original tracks plus several international remixes and collaborations from all over the globe. Out now on Starquake Records!
FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.starquakerecords.weebly.com/evade-the-grave-ep.html
and here: http://www.mediafire.com/?fl0j80v6mm3b39j (full pack)
Artwork by William Pit. Photo by Urban.
Love to: MONOPUNK (Scotland), STRAUSZ (Brazil), THE CROSSFADERS (Algeria), OHHNO! (Australia), SMITECH WESSON (Turkey), SEBASTIAN LOVE (Italy).
And to all of You ❤

Released by: Starquake Records
Release/catalogue number: 007
Release date: Jan 13, 2012

~ by acidted on January 18, 2012.

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