Time to end the weekend on a high (geddit!). Time & Space Machine (Richard Norris, ex-The Grid) are releasing an album Taste The Lazer shortly. But in advance, there’s a remix single of an older track, Pill Party In India. Out on 6 Feb.

The original track is The Beatles going psychadelic in India remixed. Psychemagik gives it a more contemporary nu-disco, bass thrum feel. Mojo Filter takes it a bit more downbeat but with backwards sounds. Nice package.

Pill Party In India (Original)

Pill Party In India (Psychemagik Remix) snippet)

Pill Party In India (Mojo Filter Om Nama Shiva

Blurb: Tirk released Richard’s debut as The Time & Space Machine in 2010. With the long awaited album imminent, we’ve decided to do a special single release of one of our favs to preceed, alongside a brace of tasty remixes. ‘Pill Party In India’ is rich with the energetic twang of Exotica carried down a highway of fast-paced bongos and live drums with interludes of blips, wiggles and ghostly soundtrails. Absolutely stunning. The first remix comes from our pet love, Psychemagik. It’s a supurb bit of work by our friends from the cosmic forest; The bass is chunky, mesmerising sounds fly at you glorously in superwide stereo and there’s some cracking vocal samples added to great effect too! To clean up, Mojo Filter delivers his ‘Om Nama Shiva Remix.’ Think squelching acid basslines under traditional plucked Indian instrumentation, with strings and on-point production values and you’re about there. This has to be heard to be believed! A sheer joy! Watch out for the 5 piece T&SM band, complete with mind frying light show, coming soon to a festival near you!

~ by acidted on January 22, 2012.


  1. There’s nowt like a Sunday night high

  2. […] might remember we had Mojo Filter’s remix of Time & Space Machine back here. He’s got a new album, of edits of classic tracks out next month, which apparently is Mixmag […]

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