Chemical Brothers – Pourquoi (Rhythm Scholar Dead Pixels Remix)

Been ages since we had any Chems, so here’s a Rhythm Scholar remix. Free download.

Rhythm Scholar remixes a recent but lesser-known track with older but better known 80s computer games to give a track that marries the urgency of the Chems to a wonderful symphony of chip tunes and tones. Should be a bit naff but most certainly isn’t. RS says “I actually played all the Arcade Games to get the recordings for this mix” which shows a level of dedication that you’ve got to admire.

Chemical Brothers – Pourquoi (Rhythm Scholar Dead Pixels Remix)

Blurb: Originally a bonus track from their last album, Pourquoi gets the Rhythm Scholar treatment in this Retro / Electro / Big Beat remix. The 80s meet 2012 as the WOPR computer from WarGames clashes with the Brothers on the audio battlefield. But, who wins? Enjoy! 🙂 Notice: Some Arcade Games WERE harmed in the making of this remix. Can you tell which ones?

~ by acidted on January 23, 2012.

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