Some deep house tuneage from Istanbul’s Gurhan. One to listen and one to download.

The listen only track is a preview of his new single Between Us. Having spent the night cleaning up vomit, not mine, I can’t handle techno’s hardness. This is a warm lush affair. It uses the gentle tolling synth to envelop you in a warm cuddle. But not so much that it becomes suffocating.  

The free download is Fireworks, which does indeed have the sound of fireworks going off and the requisite cheering. It bleeps along sedately. It’s ok but not as strong as Between Us.

Blurb: From Istanbul comes Deep House Proposal, an enterprise that organically evolved from a club night to a well-received podcast and then eventually an ambitious label focusing on the deeper side of the house music spectrum. The first Deep House Proposal release is the two track Between Us EP, helmed by up-and-coming DJ/producer Gurhan. “Between Us” starts things off with a melancholy synth pad soon giving way to a tight house music rhythm and repetitive bell-like melody line. A warm, throbbing bass fills the low end while distant pads hit with filtered sweeps to create an evocative sense of space. Reminiscent of Timewriter’s earlier works, “Between Us” can easily sit among the deepest of tracks in an after-hours DJ set. Up next, Gurhan raises the energy with “What You Say,” a driving cut that is characterized by its heavy, rolling bass line, and rhythmically chanted vocal hits. The cut builds nicely as well-placed breakdowns lead to dramatic crashes and airy sweeps. While still firmly in the deep house realm, “What You Say” has enough pump and groove to welcome it into the virtual crates of discerning tech-house jocks.

Release Date:
4th Feb 2012

~ by acidted on January 30, 2012.

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