Cliff Child – 3

And to end this day of someone else’s recommendations, Robjn recommends Cliff Child who’s Massive Attack remix featured many moons ago. He has a new album out, called 3. Listen and buy. 

This is an ambient album that sets out its stall very unambiguously in the first track – Bottlescort – which gets by on long extended synth washes and the sound of the sea, in its quiet way demanding that you stop what you’re doing and sit down. Wind Hair offers the addition of a bit of piano and Holiday a little guitar. But neither quite live up to the first track. Rice Pop Bang gets back on track with a slightly more awkward version of ambient, a bit bleepy. And Sunset lovingly sends you to sleep with it’s gentle tones and hint of static. The album ends on a more unsettling ambient note with Edward Burntynsky Made Me Feel and its prickly static of almost non-music. This album isn’t quite sure whether it wants you to lie down and be soothed or to lie down and be uncomfortable.

There are some free downloads from the last album Tveir

~ by acidted on January 31, 2012.

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