SoundRix – Middle Of Doubt (Laserlong Instrumental Mix)

This morning we had something by Robjn. This afternoon Laserlong, which was recommended by Robjn. I know nothing about Laserlong other than they claim to be from London, UK. Free download.

At least my lack of knowledge allows us to focus on the music, where the word is synths. Here’s a remix of SoundRix (no idea) which is all built around and rests totally on the synth. An uncomplicated house backbeat allows the twisting synth line to take centre stage and to hog the limelight throughout, slightly in the way that one of my favourites Spooky’s Mono does. There’s an air of fizzy distortion to it all which may be intended or bad mastering – I really can’t be sure.

Do also check out Laserlong’s originals, like this one – Warp – which has more synths but edging into leftfield pop:

~ by acidted on January 31, 2012.

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