Elite Force – Society Suicides

A new track from breaks artist Elite Force’s album out in March. Listen only for now.
Blimey. This kicks like the proverbial. Starting with a sample from 1968 film Charly this sets you up with the cheeriness of “brave new dreams, brave new hates, brave new wars; a beautifully purposeless process of society suicide.” Apparently this sci-fi flick won an oscar but I’ve never heard of it. But this is all about Elite Force’s thrillingly dynamic use of bass to remorselessly batter you onto the dance floor. Terrific.

Blurb: ‘Society Suicides’ is the one 100% original track from the forthcoming RVMPD2 album, much in the same was ‘The Law of Life’ was on the original ‘Revamped’. This will be available at Beatport from March 5th. All other tracks from RVMPD2 will be available from the website &rt; http://www.eliteforcemusic.com for *FREE DOWNLOAD*, one per week starting on 14th February. For more info &rt; http://www.facebook.com/djeliteforce
Released by: U&A Recordings
Release/catalogue number: UAA061
Release date: Mar 5, 2012

~ by acidted on February 9, 2012.

One Response to “Elite Force – Society Suicides”

  1. Jesus. That does indeed kick the proverbial all over the shop.

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