And so it came to pass, that a generation of British youth, having embraced the perfect storm of music, pills and loose-fitting clothing which engulfed the nation in 1988, soon realised that, after a night of drug-fuelled dancing and debauchery, one needed to float gently back down to earth with something a little less raucous and manic than from whence they had just come. Simon and Garfunkel would not do. A nation fretted.
To remedy the problem, a few kindly souls embarked upon an altruistic mission to provide the musical balm that would soothe the gurning masses in their hour of need and facilitate their safe return to civilisation and subsequent partaking of unquantifiable amounts of weed.
Nature abhors a void, apparently. If the time between coming home from a club and actually managing to get to sleep was that void, ambient – the mellowed-out yin to a night-out’s yang – filled it. Balance was restored and a nation chilled. Amen to that.

~ by acidted on February 17, 2012.


  1. Looking forward to this Ctel & D

  2. Me too. The thing with much of ambient is… the post club ‘chill’ was sometimes (not always mind, but sometimes) my favourite part and the soundtrack often stunning but in the cold light of day twenty years later some of it doesn’t half go on a bit, aimlessly. Still, looking forward to it nonetheless.

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