Mark Stewart vs Primal Scream – Autonomia

Mark Stewart’s from the old agit-prop shouty group The Pop Group, who were more easily admired than listened to. Primal Scream give me problems reconciling their right on smash the system approach to the pictures of Bobby G in the Primrose Hill set, at FROWs and sleb parties. But enough of my prejudices, what’s Autonomia like?

Autonomia: The term autonomia/Autonome was first used in 1620, having been composed out of two Greek words, “auto–nomos”, referring to someone or something which lives by his/her own rule. Autonomy, in this sense, is not independence. While independence refers to an autarcic kind of life, separated from the community, autonomy refers to life in society but by one’s own rule. Though the notion of autonomism was alien to the ancient Greeks, whose society was not an all-inclusive one, the concept is indirectly endorsed by Aristotle, who stated that only beasts or gods could be independent and live apart from the polis (“community”), while Kant defined the Enlightenment by autonomy of thought and the famous “Sapere aude” (“dare to know”).

Autonomia has been remixed by Pinch and JD Twitch. The JD Twitch remix has the greatest dance element in a leftfield kind of way. This sounds almost late 80s dance in its approach – think Cabaret Voltaire. Pinch goes even further back for inspiration to the early post punk fascination with Jamaican dub. Dare I say that this remix reminds me of Gary Clail.

Mark Stewart vs Primal Scream – Autonomia (Pinch’s Apocalyptic Rework)

Mark Stewart vs Primal Scream – Autonomia ( AJD Twitch Optimo Total Destruction Remix)

Blurb: Mark Stewart is back again, and this time he brings even more friends.  Here we have two heavyweight champions of the underground – Pinch and JD Twitch – offering up deliciously moody interpretations of  the Mark Stewart vs Primal Scream brand new single ‘Autonomia’.  The mighty Bristol dubstep veteran Pinch loads up on dark and brooding, with a stripped and dubby Shackleton-esque interpretation. Meanwhile, JD Twitch, one half of Optimo, opts for a warped and slo-mo, acid-licked stomp – a consummate exhibition of his musical breath and knowledge.

~ by acidted on February 17, 2012.

One Response to “Mark Stewart vs Primal Scream – Autonomia”

  1. Wow, the AJD Twitch Optimo Total Destruction Remix has quite a profound Meat Beat Manifesto influence to it … which is definitely a good thing!

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