CATURDAY: Ukkonen – Underlying Form

We had Ukkonen’s latest release earlier in the week. Here’s two amazing mixes from No Pain in Pop blog and brought to our attention in comments by the label Uncharted Audio. But I thought I’d turn it into a post in case you missed it. These each take Detroit classics and put them into a blender to become almost unrecognisable ambient tunes. Astonishing.

No Pain In Pop

We introduced you to the “house impressionism” of Uncharted Audio’s Ukkonen last month and, with his artic arpeggiates still blowing round our skulls, asked for a mix. Returned was a imagining of Detroit blown forward into 2012. Little remains of the original, classic tracks, instead the Finnish producer has reconstructed each from small sampled fragments and his own work – inspired by Patten’s “sonic DNA” remix project – to create a postmodern patchwork borne of his own idiosyncratic production style.

“I had a vision, or a dream.. in which I saw and heard a Detroit from an alternate reality, where the only difference was in the music: odd numbers were the norm, nothing was ever in 4/4, nothing ever sounded quite right or wrong. People were going wild for it, the music and dancing couples spilling into the street. It was the early 90’s and a new sound had been developing, a multi-layered swirling mass of rhythm, never quite lining up, never quite falling apart. Simple melodies, that when played together created mind boggling and and ever evolving combinations. I could hear the music like I was actually there, but I think it was just a dream..”

Ukkonen – Detroit (Alternative Reality) (mp3 / mix)


Carl Craig – Science Fiction (Ambientized and Ukkonized in Fives Version)

Cybotron – Alleys of your Mind (Ukkonized Version)

Channel One – Technicolor (Ukkonized Version)

Juan Atkins – Flash Flood (Ukkonized Version)

Derrick May – The Dance (One Sample Version)

Kevin Saunderson – Bassline (Ukkonized Version)

Model 500 – Interference (Ukkonised Version) 

Carl Craig – Future Love Theme (Hardened and Irregulated Version)

Psyche – Elements (Ukkonized Version)

Carl Craig – Sub Seducer (Ukkonized Version)

+ “There’s one un-named track hidden inside one of the above.. can anyone name it?”

Alternate Reality imaginings of Detroit (Pt2) by Ukkonen is a swirling spectacle of broken beats, warm electro melodies and ever evolving ambient techno sounds. The original tracks have been stripped, re arranged then woven back together to form a hybrid with the Finnish producer’s very own material and unique rhythm structures.

Underlying Form 005

Track listing: 1 – Ukkonen-Intro, 2- Inner city – Ahnongay (Five-alive Ukkonized Mix), 3 – Joey Beltram – Energy Flash (Gordon’s Alive Ukkonized Version), 4 – Carl Craig – Landcruising (Skimmed Ukkonen Version), 5 Skimmed Ukkonized Version), 6 – Model 500 – Electric Entourage (Full Fat Ukkonized Version), 7 – Ukkonen – 11,13,15

~ by acidted on February 18, 2012.

7 Responses to “CATURDAY: Ukkonen – Underlying Form”

  1. Thanks for your kind comments and for supporting my stuff!

    Made a quick track for you to say thanks

  2. the doctor took to much medication and missed the Carl Craig show.

  3. Great! Is the “hidden track” As One “Shambala”?
    Sounded a bit like it…..

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