Flatbush Zombies .:. Thug Waffle (INNER WORLDS Remix)

Remix meister Inner Worlds is back with a new remix. It’s acid rap. But has he chosen his source material wisely? Free download.

He says “I cut up the vocals to make a chorus out of the phrase “we love money we love weed“, so, enough said.” And that does kind of cover it. This is a weed wasted 5am haze of psychadelic synth swirls, louche backbeats and that almost-too-wasted-to-speak rap. At first, this seems too much but after a bit an inner coherence emerges and you can see the effect the remix is aiming for. Interesting, rather than loveable.


Release date: Feb 17, 3012

~ by acidted on February 18, 2012.

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