The Glass – Washed Up EP

Indie dance revival anyone? Not sure I’d mind terribly much. Especially if people took Wevvers’ early remixes as their template. This new EP of remixes for The Glass might be an indication of things to come. Free downloads.

The original (produced by ex-Sabres Jagz Kooner) is a perfectly nice piece of indie for free download. Bit of jangly guitar, bit of wah wah and gentle vocals. Todd Terry’s first up for remix duty. He has two. First, the House remix which redirects the original with a slightly scuzzy bass onto the indie dancefloor, using the vocals to provide a bit of euphoria, despite them saying “Washed Up”. His Freeze remix is more of a dub mix and even more dance friendly. The stronger of two good mixes and the best on the EP. The Jetlag Hunny Bunny remix is for free download. This goes for that choppy piano early 90s feel. Nostalgic feeling in the way that it sounds like several remixes you’ve heard before, especially Weatherall’s Weekender. Almost too much so. The Black Russian Dub is also a free download and has an 80s disco feel.

Washed Up (Tee’s Freee Remix)

Whole EP here

Blurb: The Glass are back with another single from their At Swim Two Birds album. “Washed Up,” produced by London’s Jagz Kooner, is an indie-dance monster with live bass, guitars and building synths that paints a picture of the blank generation growing old with the world passing them by. The song was remixed by several outstanding producers, including none other than house legend Todd Terry who delivers two mixes utilizing his classic drum workouts. Fellow New Yorkers Jetlag drop two indie-leaning mixes reminiscent of early 90’s UK dance music from the likes of Andrew Weatherhall and the Manchester sound. This is hardly a surprise considering that Jetlag is former Smiths bassist, Andy Rourke’s new project with New York DJ Ole Koretski. Both Jetlag mixes have a retro dance feel with house pianos riffs, laid back beats and pop stylings…magical! The other remixes are from another NY crew Black Russian, consisting of Rok One and Mike Dextro, who bring a more disco flavor to the track as well as French techno/bass newcomer Mikix The Cat who takes “Washed Up” in a radically different direction. Enjoy!

~ by acidted on February 19, 2012.

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