TEN AMBIENT CLASSICS No2: The Irresistible Force

The Irresistible Force – Waveform (1994)
When a track opens with a giggling woman stating ‘What I like to do with acid…’ before elaborating on her particular method of downing a tab, it’s fairly safe to argue that the ‘Just Say No’ campaign was a tad hit and miss. A supremely gentle, 12 minute long, stoned-haze number from the creative mind of Morris Gould, aka Mixmaster Morris, Waveform is so mellow, it renders superfluous the need for any narcotic accompaniament, such is it’s soporific effect. Starting with aforementioned woman, it bobs along gently, a stuttering synth ricocheting back and forth whilst bleeps and bloops are scattered around like a pinball before managing to steady itself enough halfway through to offer a soft, gliding beat, the whole entity taking on the form of an ambient lullaby. And so to sleep…
But my copy of Waveform is in too bad a condition to record (video here edit – now kindly provided by john boblov here). So, have Snowstorm by Irresistible Force instead:

And while we’re at it, his mix of Coldcut’s version of Autumn Leaves is the ultimate ambient classic by Irresistible Force. Here in its Trip Mix 2 version:

~ by acidted on February 21, 2012.

2 Responses to “TEN AMBIENT CLASSICS No2: The Irresistible Force”

  1. Lovely Stuff..romantic even..brings back memories..emotive

  2. Yep, I’ll give this one. And the others in this post as well. Lovely.

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