Gabriele Carasco and Renè – Passengers

This is a beautiful dub techno track from Gabriele Carasco & Rene’s new One Way EP, out next month on Madhouse Records. Listen only.

The EP has a range of tracks, from The Piano’s piano house (surprise surprise), to Jazzy’s, err… jazz lounge. But the standout track is the warm dub techno of Passengers. This has that early 90s feel. Very Carl Craig in its hypnotic grooves and low key manner. And the intro has echoes of Slam’s Postive Education. The fragments of airport announcements add to the hallucinatory feel. Gorgeous.


Listen to the whole One Way EP here:

Blurb: Madhouse is proud to present an alluring ambient house release by Gabriele Carasco and Rene. Gabriele Carasco, born in Italy, was raised as a Pianist from an early age. Inspired by his classical passion – his house production is a reflection of this — his sound is relaxing and soothes the listener with romantic melodies and rich instrumentals, kept grounded by a gentle house thud. Carasco collaborates with Italian born, Rene, another respected house producer whose musical talent has seen him to play at some Europe’s biggest festivals including Monegros, Sonar and Circo Loco. “Passengers” is a slow builder; warming you as it gradually builds layering delicate sounds until fluttering into a subtle jazz strung drop at the end. This 4-track EP, which includes the tracks ‘Brain’, ‘Jazzy’, ‘Passengers’ and ‘The Piano’, oozes tranquility and grace.

Released Traxsource exclusive — 19th March
General release — 2nd April


~ by acidted on February 26, 2012.

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  2. Very nice indeed….

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