REMIXING CLASSICS: Groove Armada – RJ’s Theme (Rambla Boys Remix)

I’m not a massive fan of Grove Armada’s work. But this remix by Italy’s Rambla Boys manages to give the original a smooth deep house groove built around stabbing synths and a squelchy bass. Really good.

Blurb: Last remix we’ve made for superstylish Groove Armada. Warm bass and lovely synths to spin at the end of your sets and bring that girl home!!! (aiff version included). Andy Cato, Groove Armada: Great groove at 1.30 and 3.44. Jackin’ disco feel. I think the extra hi hat at 3.44 is a nice build, but the hi-passed cut up stereo bass thing gets in the way of the roll a bit. Reckon you could do without it. The b-line at 0.32 and 2.41 doesn’t have the same roll for me. The low notes a bit too low, and less strong than the simple b-line of the main groove. Don’t think you need the 0.32 section – you could just style out the main groove that starts at 1.36 for longer if you need more time before the change at 2.41.The groove is so strong you could go for ages. At 2.41, I think you could lose the bassline and just go down to the kick. Then the rocking bassline becomes the signature of the track. Simple and large.” This is what Andy had to tell us. We changed the first version, and here is the result!! Here is the link for the track on official Groove Armada’s Soundcloud: GA RJ’s Theme – Rambla Boys Remix by groove armada

~ by acidted on February 27, 2012.

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