TEN AMBIENT CLASSICS: No6: Luke Slater’s 7th Plain

Luke Slater’s 7th Plain – The Four Cornered Room/My Yellow Wise Rug (1994)

Okay, so I could be accused of taking the piss here somewhat, given that I’m going for two albums simultaneously but, since their both by Luke Slater in his 7th Plain guise, and their both veeeeery good, I’m more than happy to field the accusation. From the man who’s sported some quite alarming hairstyles over the years, this is ambient techno at its finest, plain and simple. Deep, mellow, quietly intense, it gently pulls you into its world of spaced-out, occasionally haunting, sounds and doesn’t let go in the nicest possible way. Slater’s banging techno has never really appealed, it tends to make my head hurt but when it slips into ambience, as it does here, the result is quite lovely. Beatless and non-beatless, both albums possess an ethereal quality that would make them appropriate sci-fi soundtracks and titles such as Astra-Naut-E and Reality of Space do nothing to dispel that belief. Pointless selecting any stand out tracks as it’s all so good. If you haven’t already got them, then do so. No really, do.

Luke Slater’s 7th Plain – Lost  

Download: Reality of Space / Astra Naut-E

http://planetaryassaultsystems.tumblr.com/ / buy

~ by acidted on February 27, 2012.

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