TEN AMBIENT CLASSICS: No7: Global Communication

Global Communication – 76:14 (1994)

I had a bit of a battle with myself over whether this should be included, not because it lacked quality but because I undertook a piece of writing for Acid Ted a couple of years ago extolling its virtues, so I wondered if its place here was therefore rendered somewhat redundant. And then I thought, well, bollocks, who cares? It’s a great album and it deserves to be here and discarding it because of the risk of repetition seems harsh. Ticking all the usual boxes for ambient sound effects and noises, you wonder that it never slips into cliched tedium, yet it doesn’t. Much like the Orb’s ‘Brain‘, it never becomes an undisciplined mess, in spite of a myriad number of quirky and perverse samples because it’s all so well put together, the effect being to gently nudge you in the direction of, if not total unconsciousness, then a deeply relaxed state of horizontalism. And how well it succeeds. It unequivocally deserves its classic status and should be required listening from the age of five upwards.

Global Communication – 14:31   

Global Communication – 5:23

~ by acidted on February 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “TEN AMBIENT CLASSICS: No7: Global Communication”

  1. I can count on one had the amount of times that I’ve managed to stay awake during 14.32! Amazing tune.


  2. One of my all time fav ambient albums. 9.25 is outstanding.

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