Plastikman – Consumed (1998)

Yes, it’s that Richie Hawtin fellow again and bringing with him his excellent album of dark, ambient techno. This is a world away from the standard fare of twittering birds and fluffy clouds, featuring instead a sparse, minimalist sound, much of which feels as if it was recorded in a gloomy, dank cave. There’s an old school dub element to some of the tracks, particularly Locomotion, whereas Consume, Inside and Consumed retain classic, though pared-to-the-bone, acid techno beats but almost muffled, as if they’re being played in a tunnel some distance away. Whilst it could be said to convey a bleak vibe, a sense of foreboding almost, one can steer away from the glass-half-empty perspective and acknowledge that it’s moodiness is also what makes it so good. It may be dark but it still captivates and actually makes a refreshing change from all the away-with-the-fairies ambient that’s available. It could certainly soundtrack a David Lynch film. Not for those of a paranoid disposition. 

Plasikman – Consumed 

And for those who’d like a modern interpretation, here’s a remix:

~ by acidted on February 29, 2012.

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