CATURDAY: Daft Punk (For Orchestra) ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’

Kitteh is off formenting ebil. So, Caturday can afford to be frivolous. Here’s an orchestral interpretation of Daft Punk’s Harder Better Faster Stronger by Walt Ribiero. This is far better than classical reinterpretations tend to be and shows the durability and structure of the track. Listen or buy.

~ by acidted on March 3, 2012.

3 Responses to “CATURDAY: Daft Punk (For Orchestra) ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’”

  1. That is so good. It shouldn’t be, and when I found out it was done on a MIDI it lost some of it’s magic. Awesome.

    • I understand your stance. But I can’t get an orchestra to perform my music, and even if I did I couldn’t afford 100 musicians to record a piece of mine each week 😦 So this is the only option I have, so I pour every ounce of passion I can into it so I can make them sound as realistic as possible – in the hopes that I can taste what my pieces would sound like. Thanks for your support – more to come for sure.

  2. I enjoyed, Keep em coming!

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