Luke Slater podcast 2009

D had an entry from Luke Slater in her Ten Ambient Classics series. However, Luke Slater has also done some terrific electro dance work. But he is best known for minimal machine techno, including under his Planetary Assault Systems alias. And that is what he produced in an hour long podcast for clashmusic from a while back. This is classic, minimal, stripped down techno. Free download.

Luke Slater Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Samuli Kemppi – Deep Space Helsinki (Komisch)
2. Hanns Zimmerman – X11 (Rsp 069)
3. Marcel Fengler – Twisted Bleach (Ostgut Ton)
4. Variance III – Marcel Dettman Remix (Sandwell District)
5. Horizontal Ground – 12” (Horizontal Ground)
6. Ovr – Interior (Blueprint)
7. Dvs 1 – Running (Klockworks)
8. Terrence Fixmer – Hypnoses, Radio Slave Remix (JUP03)
9. Soul Designer – Soul Is Back [Luke Slater Remix] (Third Ear)
10. Do Not Resist The Beat – (Hard Wax)
11. Bas Mooy – Like a Virgin (Impact Mechanics)
12. Robert Hood – Obey (M Plant)
13. Jeff Mills – Rich (Axis)
14. James Ruskin – The Outsider [Luke Slater Remix] (Blueprint)
15. Planetary Assault Systems – Mark Me (Ostgut Ton)
16. Chris Finke – Shut That Door (Flux)
17. Cari Lekebush – Spindixzzy (Mote Evolver)
18. Jerome Sydenham – My Pet Gorilla (Apotek)
19. Planetary Assault Systems – Hold It (Ostgut Ton)
20. Literon – Mind Phase [Into 09 Remix] (Fortek)
21. Mauro Picotto – Diamond [Mark Broom Remix] (Alchemy)
22. Planetary Assault Systems – Temporary Suspension (Ostgut Ton)

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