Visitor Seven – UYIO

Here’s another track from the new Visitor Seven album Unsafe Patterns, following on from the one yesterday. Listen only.

UYIO is pitched as minimal techno. It’s certainly an austere piece, with few elements. As with To Dust (2.0) yesterday, this is very moody but in a less clearly identifable way than that piece. This is the limited sounds giving a menacing slow relentless march. Even some hopeful blooping half way through doesn’t help. Clearly, not an album for anyone inclined to paranoia.

And there’s more of the Visitor Seven work here:

Blurb: An edit of UYIO from my new Visitor Seven album just put out on Sounds Of Juan (UK). It’s available exclusively through Beatport right now, iTunes to follow!

Released by: Sounds Of Juan
Release date: Mar 6, 2012

~ by acidted on March 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Visitor Seven – UYIO”

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  2. […] called the original UYIO mix ’austere’ minimal techno  (see here). This new DJ friendly mix is some 25 seconds shorter and focuses the track down on its minimal […]

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