Nightshift by Talk In Colour – Microburst Remix

This downtempo remix by Microburst has been out a few months but goodness it’s lovely. Free download.

Microburst is from London. The track is labelled post-dubstep, which means this takes a more Burial approach to things that tends towards IDM than bowel-quaking bass. Everything is scrunched up small and what was a fairly bog standard guitar-and-harp number is transformed into something brittle, cold, and ever so poignant.  Microburst is definitely one to look out for.

Here’s the original for comparison purposes

And Microburst’s remix is not a one-off as evidenced by this remix of Jamie Woon’s Lady Luck:

~ by acidted on March 29, 2012.

One Response to “Nightshift by Talk In Colour – Microburst Remix”

  1. […] might remember me raving about a post-Dubstep remix of Nightshift by Talk In Colour a month back. Here’s another Microburst remix for Talk In Colour. This time of new track Rocking Horse. […]

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